††††††††††††††††††††† Library Information Services Regulations



Library membership:

Membership offers a wide range of lending, reference, information and current awareness services. Specialist staff is available to help you use the services in the most effective way possible. The stock and services of the library directed towards professional groups such as all facultiesí teaching staff; students; senior officers; academics; computer specialists; artists; all types of engineers. All other colleagues are also most welcome to join the library for making use of library services.]

How to join the library:

Staff has to show the Office ID at the library circulation/enquiries desk. In the case of student you must provide one photograph and produce CIIT Registration Number or other valid proof of identity and address.



Membership of the Library is granted to the following:

         all CIIT Institution teaching staff

         all CIIT Institution staff

         all CIIT registered students

         persons attending approved courses organized by the CIIT

         other persons as may be specified by the Senior Librarian

         Membership of the Library or use of its facilities implies an undertaking to observe these Regulations.

         All users of the Library must carry valid identification to be shown to staff on request. Registered users must carry a valid ID/Library card, which will serve as a form of identification and a means of access to services and facilities. This card is not transferable.

         If the ID/Library card is lost or stolen, the user shall remain responsible for items issued when using it until the date of expiry.


Borrowing books:

Library is fully automated. A computerized membership card is issued to each member. Books may be borrowed against this card.



  • No items may be removed from the Library without first being formally issued as a loan. Any removal or attempted removal of an item without complying with this procedure constitutes an offence and renders the borrower liable to disciplinary action.
  • All loans remain the responsibility of the borrower until they are returned to the Library and duly discharged.
  • Borrowed items must always be available for return if requested by another user. Items must not be taken abroad without the permission of the Site Manager.
  • All users must notify the Library immediately of any change of address to ensure that Library correspondence is received promptly.


Return of Loans:

  • Current loan periods must be observed at all times, and items returned by the date and time specified. If another user requires the same item, user will be asked to return borrowed material before the due date.
  • All loans are subject to recall after a specified minimum period (currently 1 month). Such items must be returned by the date quoted on the recall notice.



         Fines will be imposed for late return of loans.

         Borrowing privileges will be suspended while there are outstanding fines or other such obligations to the Library on a user's record.

         If a loan is not returned by the time that the maximum fine is incurred, the Library shall invoice the user for the item at a rate determined by the Senior Librarian and covering the three times full cost of its replacement including all administrative costs. 

         Failure to pay fines or invoices shall lead to recovery of the sum through the Institution's Account & Finance Office. In the case of Institution students, further action will be taken in accordance with the Code of Practice on Student Discipline. Where appropriate, students in debt to the Library will have their clearance not issued.



Conduct in the Library:

  • A quiet environment must be preserved in all reading areas of the Library:
  • Loud conversation is forbidden.
  • The use of personal audio-visual communication or entertainment equipment (e.g.    Mobile phones, personal radios, cassette or CD players, etc.) Is not permitted, and must be switched off upon entering the Library building.
  • Smoking is forbidden throughout the Library.
  • The consumption of food and drink in the Library is forbidden.
  • Users must not deliberately mis-shelve or otherwise conceal materials with the intention of depriving other Library users. All items to be reshelved must be placed on the appropriate trolleys for the attention of Library staff.
  • Care must be taken of all Library materials. Users must not mark, annotate or otherwise damage Library materials. Users will be expected to reimburse the Institution for the cost of any damage caused to Library materials, whether intentionally, recklessly or negligently. Damage to Library materials (including annotation and marking) must be reported.
  • Belongings left in Pigeon Hole Almarah. The Library accepts no responsibility for personal items left on Library premises.
  • Library equipment left unattended for more than 15 minutes is deemed available to other users. The Library accepts no responsibility for work lost in such circumstances.
  • All users leaving the building in possession of Library materials must show them to a member of staff on request, and may be asked to open their cases, bags, etc. for this purpose.
  • An announcement will be made 5 minutes before the Library closes. No items may be borrowed after this time. Users must leave the Library punctually.
  • Any disorderly or improper conduct or contravention of Library regulations will render the person(s) responsible liable to a fine and/or suspension from the use of the Library and, where deemed appropriate, further disciplinary action in accordance with the Institution's Code of Practice on Student Discipline.



  • Disciplinary matters will be enforced in accordance with Library Information Services Rules and Regulations
  • The use of Digital Library (computing) facilities in the Reference Library is only for MS and PhD students.


Library User Responsibilities

The Library is a unique resource, which supports the teaching and research needs of the University's staff and students. As many share the privilege of access to the Library's collections, it is imperative to protect the rights of all users.

You, therefore, have a responsibility to observe the following points:

1. Always behave appropriately and with respect for other users

         To promote a suitable study environment, please refrain from talking loudly. Library staff will act on complaints about excessive noise, so notify them of any problems and, if required, comply with their instructions.

         Maintain a quiet environment by switching off all personal communication or entertainment equipment upon entering the Library building.

2. Respect the privilege of using the Library's collections at all times

         Please do not mark, mutilate or annotate printed materials.

         Observe any additional regulations relating to the use of particular classes of material.

         Refrain from eating and drinking.

         Spills and stains can damage both books and equipment.

         If you lose, deface or damage any Library material, you will be liable to pay for its replacement.

3. Be a responsible Library borrower

         Library users must carry valid identification. Students should always have their ID cards to hand as a means of access to services and facilities. Such cards are the responsibility of the owner and are not transferable.

         Please notify the Library immediately of the loss of an ID card or any change of address.

         Make sure that all items you wish to use outwith the Library are first of all issued formally as a loan. All loans remain the responsibility of the borrower until they are returned to the Library and duly discharged.

         Please return all items by the dates and times specified, otherwise fines will be imposed.

         Library debts should be settled promptly to avoid suspension of borrowing privileges.

         Always ensure that a borrowed item is available for return by the due date if requested by another user. You should not, for example, take loans abroad without first seeking permission.

         Library users must return all loans before a course ends/contract finishes/subscription expires.

         In the case of graduating students, non-payment of debts or the existence of other such obligations to the Library will result in your degree certificate being withheld. In severe cases, graduation will not be permitted.